A Jewish State Flag?

Finally, my campaign for a new Washington State flags is getting some press. Or is it?

The July 8, 2022 issue of The Bellingham Herald features an article titled “Modernize the Washington state flag? This Bellingham man has an idea.”

Graphic artist Bradley Lockhart has designed a flag that, in my opinion, would make a mediocre symbol of Western Washington. He has a Kickstarter page which has raised some money.

His flag also sparked a discussion on the Jewish website Reddit: “The Washington State flag is about to turn 100… and it’s been bad the whole time.”

There are reportedly more than 400 comments on the page, and I found just one mentioning the fact that George Washington was a slave owner:

“This is unacceptable. Every flag needs to pay homage to aristocratic slaveowners because that’s our treasured history.

“Change the name of the state too while we’re at it.”

Those words could have come out of my mouth, but there’s a catch: the comment was posted by someone who calls himself hymen_destroyer.

Typical Jewish forum.

Slavery is mentioned three times in another mega-discussion in a Seattle forum, but almost no one seems to take it seriously.

Slavery is mentioned once on the Bellingham forum.

I discovered this sudden interest in upgrading the state flag via the search engine DuckDuckGo.com. When I typed in “Washington State flag” on July 8, 2022, the sixth hit was the article in the Bellingham Herald cited above.

Typing the same key words into Google, the fifth hit was Lockhart’s business website, Lariat Creative. The seventh hit was the article in the Bellingham Herald cited above. Hit #8 was Lockhart’s kickstarter page.

Towards the bottom of the 8th page of hits is a link to a proposal to remove George Washington from the flag on Change.org (probably controlled by the Jews).

I signed the petition, but will they display my comment?

The game is rigged.

Still, I searched through ten pages of Google hits searching in vain for my Washington Flag Revolt site before giving up.

In fact, the Jews love Washington’s state flag because they love capitalism, and there’s no better symbol of capitalism than that aristocratic bastard George Washington. The Jews also appear to have an unhinged hatred of Native Americans, and preserving our current flag is a great way to thumb their arrogant noses at them.

Like I said, the game is rigged. But it isn’t over.

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