What is “Washington Flag Revolt”?

This website is dedicated to promoting the adoption of a new Washington State flag. At the same time it promotes a specific design, which I created. Sort of.

However, it is not my intention to attempt to have my design adopted outright. Rather, I’m promoting my design as an example and a possible candidate.

I think designs for a new state flag should be solicited from residents across the state. Perhaps a contest could be held.

I don’t even have a problem with non-Washingtonians submitting designs. May the best design win.

But why are no other state flag candidates pictured on this site?

On May 22, 2020, sixty-one new Washington State flag proposals were featured @ Vexillology Wiki: Washington. To be brutally honest, none of them resonate with me. Nevertheless, I encourage you to click on the link and judge for yourself.

My design hasn’t been well publicized or critiqued yet. It’s thus a bit of a mystery.

It might not appeal to the general public. Even vexillologists may reject it because of the unorthodox placement of the star on the fly.

You may even like one or more of the designs showcased on the Vexillology Wiki. Who knows?

As far as I know, there have been no previous serious efforts to promote a new Washington State flag.

In summary, this website represents an authentic grassroots effort, and I have no idea where it might lead.

Symbolism ˆ

What do the colors and shapes on my design represent?

Green represents the vast forests that inspired the nickname Evergreen State.


Yellow represents the grasslands of Eastern Washington.


Green and yellow combined represent agriculture, from apples to Eastern Washington’s golden wheatfields.

Green and Yellow

Blue represents the sky and Washington’s waters, from mountain streams to the mighty Palouse Falls, from the Columbia River to the Pacific Ocean into which it flows.


White represents snow-capped mountains.


The stylized totem pole represents people. It’s also a reminder that the first people who lived in what is now Washington were Native Americans.

Totem pole

The star represents the North Star, a reminder that Washington is a northern state.


Teachers might also find this design a good learning aid.

Blue and white make a good combination for teaching children about the hydrologic cycle.

Hydrologic cycle

Yellow is a reminder of the molten magma beneath Earth’s crust, which spawned both the vast basaltic Columbia Plateau in Eastern Washington and the volcanoes that pierce the sky along the Cascades.


And so, you might think of this design as nine flags in one.

Nine Flags
* * * * *

If you think my design stinks, don’t be shy. I’ve created lots of whimsical new state flag designs, and most of them have been pretty bad in retrospect. On the other hand, I’ve continued to work at it, and I think my designs are generally improving. Nevertheless, telling me you think one of my designs stinks is better than saying nothing at all. ;)

Is this flag design licensed? ˆ

For the time being, all images on this website, including my Washington State flag proposal, are copyrighted, unless noted otherwise.

Washington State flag proposal
© Geobop

However, you have my permission to use the basic flag proposal (right) for non-commercial purposes provided you include the following citation:

(The link points to https://www.geobop.com)

It would be really nice if you also included a link to this website, so people can learn the story behind the image.

You also have my permission to use the image to illustrate articles or content in commercial media, such as books, magazine articles and videos. Just be sure and include the citation.

What if you want to order a piece of merchandise bearing this flag proposal for personal use or as a gift, that’s also allowed, as long as you include a copyright notice (see below).

In other words, if you want a piece of clothing, a mug or a skateboard bearing this flag, but you don’t want to buy it through me, that’s perfectly fine. You can also buy an actual flag (and you don’t have to include a copyright notice on it).

Note: Please make sure the flag manufacturer understands that the image is copyrighted, and you are having a flag made with my permission. Just give them a link to this page. If he or she is still reluctant, ask them to contact me.

Why am I retaining the copyright when Minnesota’s North Star Flag proposal is in the public domain?

First, I anticipate some bitter opposition to my new flag campaign from the dirtbags who control Washington State (e.g. Bill Gates). I decided it might be prudent to maintain some control over my design.

If my design should be adopted as the state flag one day, I will release all rights to the government…or the people.

I may also issue a different license after the election.

But I want to sell it! ˆ

If you want to use my flag design commercially, please contact me.

Derivatives ˆ

If you want to play around with my design, modifying the colors or dimensions, removing the star, replacing the totem pole with a tree or whatever, go for it.

Modified Washington State flag proposal

In fact, I don’t consider my proposal a finished design. Rather, think of it as a prototype that needs lots of tweaking.

If you make some substantial changes, at some point you can call the new version your design. But please have the courtesy to acknowledge my design as the inspiration for your vision. (I’ve modified other people’s state flag proposals, describing my versions as adaptations…and checking with the original artist to make sure that’s OK.)